Hello, and welcome to the official Central Florida Ghost Research Web Site. Here on this site, you the viewer will be
able to access and review  a small portion of our organizations database. Posted within our database are examples
of strange and unusual anomalies which were captured during our past researching endeavors. The types of
available data consist of  still photographs, video footage and audio anomalies, which some believe to be that of
Spirits or Ghosts.   

The Central Florida Ghost Research organization is a scientific based, paranormal investigative agency located in
Palm Coast, Florida.  The CFLGR organization is a structured, not for profit organization which provides it's services
to the public, free of charge. The CFLGR organization fully investigates claims of paranormal activity and makes an
attempt to apply current day technology and scientific theory in the hopes of better understanding paranormal
activity and it's residual effects within our environment. After completing a research detail, staff members collate all
of the applicable data and attempt to determine the validity of the data and the claims through applying known
methods of science. There is a great deal of activity which is currently not understood by society, but attempts are
being made to overcome this issue. We find that every day is a learning experience, and the answers that evade us
today, may appear to be self evident tomorrow. Be sure to visit each one of our links posted to the left. I am sure
that you will find our databases filled with interesting information. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our web site,
and we hope that you find this field of study as exciting as we all do.

We are a newly formed group in Central Florida, located in the Flagler County area. We cover most of Central
Florida but we consider Flagler, Volusia, and St. John's County to be our home base. My name is Tom Iacuzio, I am
the founder of this new organization. I have been involved in the this field of study for twelve years. I am a South
Philadelphia native who worked with New Jersey Ghost Research for over a year before packing up and moving to
Florida.  While I have learned a lot on my own through research and investigations, my beliefs and practices were
truly molded by my experiences there. It's leader, Michael Dieser, was a true influence in my life and someone who
helped me understand why we do this kind of thing. You will find that our protocols and practices are very similar. I
am currently finishing up a B.A. in psychology, a field I plan to continue study in. I bring to the table a logical mind
which incorporates science and history to the field of parapsychology.   

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moon phases

The above picture was taken in the Espanola Cemetery in
Bunnell, FL. Right before this picture was taken readings of
7.2 milligauss were taken on the EMF reader while a 12
degree drop in temperature read with a digital thermal
scanner were also recorded.